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Project |01


Salesforce Web-To-Lead
Site demonstrates a simple web-to-lead form using a site on a Visualforce page with a controller class.
To view the demo, click here .
Project |02
Vuka Jozi Property Management

Public-facing website, a mobile app for tenants and Lightning app for Vuka Jozi to manage their business process. From tracking leads, managing listings, acquiring tenants and managing their queries. To view the business case (ppt) and demo click here.

Project |03


Graymotion - Website

Built-in Salesforce, This site uses Bootstrap, Visualforce, and a class to display records.


To view the demo, click here.

Project |04


Professional Profiles

This site is for staff to create their professional profiles. The site is hosted on the platform. It uses standard & custom controllers, Visualforce pages & has test classes. For the front end, I used JavaScript, CSS & HTML for the formatting & styling.  To view the demo, click here.

Project |05
Groeien Consulting Website

Business website developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  Visualforce, Google Maps API and Apex using responsive design principles. The website is hosted on the  platform. To view the demo on my Salesforce Developer org click here.

Project |03


Project |06
 Project | Comtech website & app

The project was divided into two parts, a desktop application used by librarians to lend & return books and a website used by students to search for books, reserve them & update their details online. The app was coded in C# while the website was developed using Both the app and website share the same database.


Project |07
Pro-Video Bookings App

Developed Using C#, this app was deployed for Pro-Video to use to create Bookings for their clients. 


Users can create, view, edit, delete bookings, and generate reports. Data is stored in MS SQL server database.

Project |08
Velocity​ Website

Web-to-lead built using Visualforce pages with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and a controller to persist the data.

Demo Link

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work,
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