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'Mobile first' approach with Webflow

Webflow is a drag & drop editor for developing mobile friendly pages and adding nice treatments to them without code.

While you are putting elements together, it builds the code in the background which you can export to Visualforce.

While coding by hand might seem 'cool', using Webflow is better because you get to focus more on the design than getting code to work and it takes much less time.

Clients care more about how the product looks and the user experience than how its developed.

The downsides to Webflow are that the free version has a lot of limitations. You can only create one project, you cannot remove their logos/ads and you can’t export code. It’s expensive (A year is about R3 000.00 for 20 projects)

I've been longing for a point and click interface in Visualforce which can generate responsive web pages. Webflow is the answer.

Check out the site I did in about 3 hours below

Desktop View

Desktop View

Tablet View

Smart phone View

Mobile View

As the smart phone revolution continues, more and more businesses are adopting a 'mobile first' approach. Mobile compatibility is now a necessity.

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